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Buzon screwjack pedestal flooring support applications for Supporting Raised Stone Flooring, Supporting Raised Marble Flooring and Supporting Raised Granite Flooring

The adjustable support pedestals are adjusted to provide a level platform for Raised Stone Flooring, a level platform for Raised Marble Flooring and a level platform for Raised Granite Flooring

Stone, Marble, Granite
  • A perfectly level finish can be achieved by using the integrated slope corrector device with settings from 0 – 5% gradient
  • Buzon DPH® Pedestals can be used on any substrate e.g. concrete screed, warm roof systems, waterproof membranes, felt and rubber
  • Choice of spacing between tiles (spacer tabs are available in 2, 4.5, 6 and 10mm)
  • Each Buzon DPH® pedestal can withstand loads in excess of 1000kg
  • Complex designs are easy to create
  • Customised tile shapes can be used
  • Designs are seamless and continuous
  • Tiles can easily be removed if access is required as they do not need to be fixed, reducing/removing the need for access panels
  • Natural drainage between the gaps keeps the area clean and prevents ‘puddling’; the terrace will also dry considerably quicker
  • Services can be run in the void between the substrate and the surface stone
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